Solid Caribbean Heart Pine Prefinished (Fawn)

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Caribbean Heart Pine is a beautiful wood prized throughout the world for its distinctive grain, rich, lustrous patina, and durable hardness. Manufactured with the same precision as our hardwoods, end-matched for easy installation. It is the perfect alternative to reclaimed heart pine. The solid prefinished Caribbean heart pine in fawn is a rich burnt taupe color that blends seamlessly with any interior. The knotty pattern gives the flooring a rustic character grade feel. Pine flooring knot patterns will give a home that rustic chic feel as well as perfectly adapt to a traditional home decor.

Solid wood flooring is a single 3/4 inch thick piece of hardwood. Solid wood flooring can be considered a floor with many lives. Hardwood floors can also be sanded and refinished multiple times, which means that every 10 years or so you can repair any scratches and restore your floor to a good-as-new glow. Solid wood floors are resilient and long-lasting. With proper maintenance and care, they can last centuries.

Prefinished Solid 3/4 inch with 15% Matte and Fawn Satin Finish
Widths: 5 inch
Lengths: 1 ft to 7 ft Nested; Average Length: 4 ft
Tongue & Groove, Micro-beveled, End Matched

Water-base stain followed by 7 coats of Ultraviolet Cured (UV) sealer and top coats, which provide a finish that is both tough and durable. Additionally, both the sealer and topcoat contain Aluminum- Oxide. This gives the finish long term resistance to wear and keeps the original sheen of the flooring from changing over time. Industry standards for ware resistance are determined form what is known as “Tabor Testing”. The higher the Tabor number, the better wear resistance you have. While finishes can be rated as “abrasion resistant” with tabor ratings of 250, our standard finish averages a rating of 350.