November 11, 2015

Garner Robinson Becomes Youngest Ever NHLA Board Member

Robinson Lumber Company (RLC) is proud to announce that Garner Robinson, the company's President, has been elected to join the National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA) Board of Managers. RLC has over a century of participation in the NHLA, with membership dating to 1911. NHLA Chief Executive Officer Mark Barford noted that “Garner joins NHLA as the youngest member of our Board, probably in the organization's 117 year history.”

As part of the fifth generation of family leadership of the company, Mr. Robinson has a great understanding of the importance of the NHLA.

"I am honored to join the NHLA Board of Managers, said Garner Robinson. The Board is vital to our industry, setting the standards that govern the hardwood lumber business worldwide. I look forward to offering my perspective to the Board."

Mr. Robinson joins a dynamic, forward-thinking group of recognized industry leaders. Since its founding in 1898, the NHLA has grown to represent over 1,200 American companies and one million American families that produce, use and sell North American hardwood lumber, or provide equipment, supplies, or services to the hardwood industry.

Toto Robinson, CEO of Robinson, recognized the importance of maintaining a Robinson family presence on the Board: In the past NHLA has been focused exclusively on USA domestic hardwood training, grading, and quality disputes. Our membership was valuable for networking and social purposes. Now, he continued, NHLA has become active in export areas, especially the Far East, because such a high percentage of American hardwoods now ship outside the country. Thus, Robinson's membership has become even more important to us; we plan to be more involved in the leadership of NHLA, and we are very proud that Garner has joined the Board.

Mr. Robinson's appointment to the Board was announced at the NHLA's annual convention in Nashville.

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