October 4, 2023

Robinson Lumber Company Announces Sale of Imported Flooring Division to Tradelink Wood Products

Robinson Lumber Finalizes sale of US Flooring Business to Tradelink Wood Products

Robinson Lumber Company (RLC)  and Tradelink Wood Products are pleased to announce they have completed a  transaction to sell RLC’s US Flooring Business to Tradelink including RLC’s  US flooring inventory, their Flooring brand, associated Goodwill, and the  transfer of related supplier, customer, and service provider relationships.

Transition:  Under the terms of the agreement, RLC will provide Transition Services to  Tradelink Wood Products. Guiding the transition of RLC’s flooring business is  Dan Lennon who will ensure the integration of RLC's valued customers, suppliers, and  service providers into Tradelink’s system while remaining with RLC as Vice President. Tradelink is pleased to welcome Jacqueline Monteilh,  a dedicated nine-year Robinson employee, who has joined the Tradelink Sales Team and is now part of the Tradelink family.

 Sustainability Pledge:  Both Tradelink and RLC uphold a steadfast commitment to sustainability and  environmentally friendly practices.  

 Jens Bursche,  President of Tradelink Wood Products Inc., shared his thoughts, stating:   "This  acquisition perfectly aligns withour vision of becoming the premier source  for premium imported exotic hardwood flooring, including Caribbean Heart Pine  flooring solutions. We are enthusiastic about the potential it unlocks and  the benefits it will bring to our customers. Additionally, we will continue  expanding our sales of other imported wood products, such as Decking and  Lumber."

 Dan Lennon  expressed his thoughts on the acquisition, "This  strategic move marks an exciting chapter for both organizations. We are  committed to a smooth transition for all of our valued partners, and I have  the utmost confidence in Jens and the entire Tradelink team’s abilities and  desire to grow."

 Strong Heritage:  Robinson Lumber Company and Tradelink Wood Products are both family-owned  businesses with extensive histories in the wood products industry. The two  companies have shared numerous professional relationships since the 1980s,  serving as customers, suppliers, and competitors across various markets.  Through years of collaboration, mutual admiration has grown within both  organizations and among the individuals who drive them.

 This strategic transaction  stands as a mutually beneficial step forward for both companies and their customers and suppliers.

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